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Route Distance

December 12, 2010




Processing.js visualization

November 2, 2009

As we are contributing (or we should be) to our g-osc community, our g-osc wiki or open source communities in general The visualization done using Processing.js should be something related or useful to our goc-wiki even if its simple. If  I  implemented anything non-related and i posted it on the g-osc visualisation page then whats the point? I looked at the webpages on the our g-osc wiki website. I looked at the what was aready there on g-osc viualisations page and I kept thinking about what do i do .  I was quite late in starting on this, I was doing other work. Until now, something did not show up on mind that was different from what others did and that has any use even if its little to our g-osc community. So, i still  have not done anything on it

Ubiquity commands

October 21, 2009

Exploring the feedback command done in the tutorial was interesting. As you face a  problem, not knowing how to get to the solution means that you’ll have to search within the resources available to you until you get to it. Me myself,  when i face any problem in programming or any other i just go surf the web searching until i get the solution or how to reach it. We almost found what we need  to do the command except that we haven’t got how to extract the author’s email  from the command chosen by the user for feedback or what function or method to use for it.  When the function you need is present its better if  you got it than implementing  it as this will be useless and wastes you time. Also its one of the concepts used in open source communities.

About the take home ubiquity command,  I was not sure which command to choose. Then i thought about doing one of the suggested commands on the g-osc wiki which is g-osc-online-users. I think this command should display the names of registered users or are online on the wiki and/or the number of users online or that was what i was planning to do for such a command. Of-course i did not know how to do such a thing, so i began searching on the web. I searched in many different places. I looked in ubiquity, searched for how to do it in JavaScript and i even  looked in the mediawiki. I just did not fount what i needed. My problem was how to get the registered users of a website.  I may have found a solution but  that solution was  not usable or useless to me. It was a code written HTML combined with JavaScript  which means its must be inserted inside a web page to work .  As the deadline for the submission was near, I changed my mind and just did a simple command similar to what other colleagues  have  done were its target was to open the featured project’s page on the g-osc wiki.