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Processing.js visualization

November 2, 2009

As we are contributing (or we should be) to our g-osc community, our g-osc wiki or open source communities in general The visualization done using Processing.js should be something related or useful to our goc-wiki even if its simple. If  I  implemented anything non-related and i posted it on the g-osc visualisation page then whats the point? I looked at the webpages on the our g-osc wiki website. I looked at the what was aready there on g-osc viualisations page and I kept thinking about what do i do .  I was quite late in starting on this, I was doing other work. Until now, something did not show up on mind that was different from what others did and that has any use even if its little to our g-osc community. So, i still  have not done anything on it